David Caffey

Managing Partner

Veteran Articulator of Brand Stories

David is a dynamic sales and marketing executive with over twenty years of creating branding and sales strategies for America’s largest clients. While working at Microsoft, Hewlett-Packard, IAC, Ford and Nissan, David established his industry leading reputation with high-level executives at technology companies, international advertising agencies, research organizations, broadcast/cable and web content providers.

With a solid foundation of classic marketing, web advertising, media research, e-commerce, and digital business Models, David’s hallmark is using his creative vision to focus and drive new technologies into broad acceptance and business success.

David served as the Director of Business Development of The Microsoft

Network (MSN), leading the initial business/advertising model for the launch of MSN and developing the content model. At Microsoft, he managed business development and strategic relationships with leading online clients and advertisers, web publishers and media companies, while assisting with ecommerce and advertising sales strategies for the

portal site’s advertising clients. David is credited with negotiating multi-million- dollar deals

with companies as diverse as Disney, WebMD and BankOne.

Previously, David held various strategic management roles within the Microsoft Corporation including key strategic roles in the launch of Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows XP and Windows NT.

Additionally, David’s leadership was responsible for creating methods of communicating Microsoft’s vision and strategy to executive level management within Fortune 500 companies. His vision was transformed into the concept and reality of the Executive Briefing Center. Also, he was responsible for developing the strategy and communication initiatives to build brands for Microsoft’s Channel programs (known as the Solution

Provider Program).

Prior to joining Microsoft, David was the Marketing Projects Manager of Jaguar Cars Inc., a division of Ford Motor Company. He was responsible for sales and incentive programs as well as overall program communication strategy.

In addition, Mr. Caffey spent 7 years at Nissan Motor Corporation in various field and corporate marketing positions, including dealer development and franchise relationships.

Throughout his career, David has worked on many significant marketing campaigns for many of America’s largest corporations. He has been a lead negotiator, a creative director, a copywriter, presentation creator and a consummate salesman.

He is a graduate of the University of Southern California where he studied Marketing and Political Science. He also attended the University of Southern California Graduate School of Business.

David is on the boards of both technology companies and non-profits, and has guest lectured on the subjects of business development, web advertising and branding at UW and USC, and has been published in various trade publications.

Greg Gerosky

Managing Partner

Ace Creator of Visual Storytelling

Greg’s journey blends left-brain logic with right-brain creativity, crafting a narrative spanning over 17 years in the traditional Hollywood entertainment and progressive branded partnerships leadership. From shaping Emmy-nominated TV programs to persuading Fortune 500 brands to embrace multi-platform content, he’s navigated the corridors of major production houses like Endemol Shine, digital powerhouses like AwesomenessTV, and launched  successful pitch & presentation design company, Falkor Digital.  

Greg possesses a unique talent for transforming rudimentary concepts into vibrant realities. His leadership in design teams, whether for big meetings or strategic assets, is marked by a blend of clear thinking and a profound grasp of the business landscape. He has an intuitive sense of audience reaction, ensuring designs are primed for success. Greg’s forte lies in deciphering real-world client challenges and devising effective solutions.

His journey began in 2006, managing post-production intricacies for independent production companies, working on beloved shows like The Amazing Race, American Gladiators (reboot), The Biggest Loser,  MasterChef and numerous others. As digital media surged, Greg embraced the challenge of molding traditional and branded entertainment projects, refining ideas and packaging them for sale. His tenure at Reveille Studios, and subsequent launch of indie production company Manolin VidVilla showcased his entrepreneurial spirit.

Greg’s trajectory led him to pivotal roles at Sony Music Entertainment’s Astronauts Wanted (Executive Producer) and Dreamworks Animation’s AwesomenessTV (VP Creative Director), before spearheading the Branded Content team at Imagine Entertainment’s digital content shingle, NewForm Entertainment. In 2019, Greg charted a new course, founding Falkor Digital, dedicated to crafting compelling pitch materials for major B2B brands. The company’s roster boasts an impressive array of clients including Spotify, A&E, WarnerBrothers Television, Vancouver Canucks, Cleveland Browns, WarnerChappell Music, the NHL, MotoAmerica, & Skydance Sports propelling Greg into the forefront of sales materials and interactive multimedia innovation.

Teaming up with David Caffey to launch BrandLogIQ in 2024 (officially) marked a strategic fusion of Greg’s creative acumen with David’s visionary sales prowess. A convergence of Hollywood storytelling (Greg) and Silicon Valley (David) precision.

John Gaines


Mavericks' Mentor in Branding & Content Strategy

A soldier turned brand and content strategist, John Gaines is renowned for orchestrating teams to new heights of maturity in the content realm. With a prestigious background as a US Army Special Forces veteran and pivotal roles at industry titans like Microsoft, Starbucks, and Avanade, John has honed his craft in the crucible of high-stakes operations, where precision and innovation are non-negotiable.

Shaping raw ideas into resonant stories, John champions a structured approach that marries the arts of storytelling with the science of data, automation, and AI. His signature lies in devising tailored solutions that empower brands to both create and disseminate content with unprecedented efficiency and flair.

Drawing upon his profound military experience, John adopts a systematic, battle-tested methodology that fosters an unparalleled level of content governance, workflow optimization, and team cohesion. His mantra—eliminate worst practices, to incubate best-in-class content strategies—defines his philosophy and purpose.

In addition to his professional pursuits, John’s love for technology and the great outdoors keeps him abreast of cutting-edge tools and rejuvenated amidst the serenity of nature. His diverse journey through the corporate landscape has armed him with a global outlook and an insightful acumen, making him a compelling leader in the narrative of brand differentiation and customer satisfaction.

If you envision your brand scaling new heights, engaging in richer narratives, and forging a path illuminated by cutting-edge content, John Gaines is the beacon of innovation you seek. With his guidance, your brand’s story can be not just told, but lived, experienced, and cherished. Welcome, to the future of branded storytelling—where John Gaines is leading the charge.

Grant Fjermedal


Master Wordsmith of Corporate Achievements

With a pen that wields both knowledge and foresight, Grant Fjermedal is a maestro of the written word, breathing life into the triumphs of organizations with his case studies and white papers. His career has left an indelible mark on the tech and pharmaceutical industries, documenting the journeys of giants such as Microsoft, Boeing, and Weyerhaeuser, to name just a few.

But Fjermedal’s pen does not just script the victories of industry leaders; it also etches the scientific narrative for the world to comprehend. A former medical and science writer for The Associated Press, Grant transitioned into the realm of corporate storytelling without forgoing his roots. His acclaimed books, such as ‘The Tomorrow Makers’ and ‘Magic Bullets,’ have unveiled the complexities of computing and the heroics of biological research, bringing otherwise esoteric subjects into the mainstream.

His writing not only informs but also inspires. Whether it’s elucidating the intricacies of database systems or expounding upon the virtues of cloud computing, Grant Fjermedal’s expertise shines through, making complex concepts accessible to all. His auteur’s touch has been acknowledged by esteemed institutions; his volume ‘The Tomorrow Makers’ was recognized as one of the American Library Association’s ten best nonfiction books.

Beyond the pages of academia and corporate documentation, Grant’s byline has graced the digital and print spaces of respected news outlets like the Seattle Times and the New York Times. His articulate delivery and insight have earned him a reputation as an expert voice in a multitude of subjects.

An artist with the heart of an intellectual and the soul of an inquisitor, Grant Fjermedal’s contributions continue to shape the narratives of technology, medicine, and beyond. His legacy is not merely in the ink he leaves on the page, but in the minds he ignites with each carefully crafted word.